Two new DT members

I will first of all say thank you to all for all mails in my mailbox. Sometime it is hard to have to make a dessision. Well thats life I guess ;)

I decided to have 3 more on the DT. Two of them are ready for action, and the last one...well to be honest I am not sure who to choose. They are all so darn talented!! It will be a girl from Europe, thats for sure ;)

Well a little more about the two that are ready for action. Very talented both of them

Heather She already have used both Rakle and Krilla on many cards. Amazing colorwork, you will just love it. And she really gets the image showing in her cards. Beautifull!!
By the way Heather was my first US customer, thank you Heather;)

Nicole I was just blown away over all the fun things she makes. Really fun stuff and many great ideas. I am really exited to work with her. Nicole will also be in charge of our DTblog, and I think she is planning some action over there already. Thanks for applying for this job Nicole!

Welcome on board girls!

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Heather sa...

Thanks for having me on the team. It's going to be fun!!!