More exiting news

Now that I have dicided to "go stamps" full time. I am in need of some other stamps in my store other than my own designs ;) Yesterday I found Third Coast Stamps. So many beautifill stamps. It was hard to pick only a few ;)
I did manage to choose 18 fabulous design ;) These new designs will get company of a new unmounted sheet as well, the new sheet goes very well with Brickwall from Rakle Collection. To all foreign customer....I am sorry, this sheet is mostly in norwegian ;) All the stamps soon to be found in the shop.

If you design and sell stamps and need a foreign retailer. Just let me know, I might be the one you are looking for ;) Same for designers of artwork, you think your artwork will look good as stamps? Let me know, you might just be the one I am looking for;)

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Nicole sa...

Check out this blog:
the blogger's daughter is a great artist and she would like to she her work in rubber! :D

Heather sa...

Wow Lisbet... These are great and I checked out the preorder section. There are some super cute ones in there!! Those pin up girls rock!! I'm off to check out Nicoles post.

Heather sa...

Me again I can see those cute girls being a hot seller.

Donna sa...

Hey Lisbet,
hope that you would check out my blog http:clearstampsbydonna.blogspot.com
my blog is very new, but more art will come soon:)